Send form data to your Slack channel or direct message

One of the common problems AbcSubmit users encounter is to be notified when a client filled their forms or when a client buy from their shop. There are really great web, desktop, and mobile tools to receive, customize or send a message without using SMS or emails, and one of them is Slack.

Slack is a great tool for teams which can be used to send or to receive notifications and collaborate with your team.

  1. Go to the form editor and create your desired form.                                                             

2. If you already have an AbcSubmit account, you can log in, and then to either choose an existing form or create a new one to connect with Slack.        

If you don’t yet have an AbcSubmit account, you can sign up and then create your desired form to connect with Slack.             

3. After creating your form, click on integration icon to open AbcSubmit integration window.

4. Select Slack from the left sidebar and click “Connect” to connect your form to a Slack desired channel or direct message.

5. You’ll be asked to log in to Slack and give AbcSubmit permission to send messages to your desired channel or direct message. If you’ve already connected a Slack account, it’s time to choose where you share your form submissions. Click the dropdown menu to browse your Slack channels and Direct Messages:  

I’ve chosen to connect with my channel @support. Now click Authorize.

6. Check out your Slack channel or direct message – you’ll see a notification that someone from your team connected a form to that channel or direct message: 

7. Now you can share your AbcSubmit form, and wait for the entries to roll in! 

Note: By default, entire form data is sent as a message to Slack.

Change how you send your messages to Slack

A. By default the entire form entry is sent to your Slack channel or direct message.

B. To send custom message to your Slack channel or direct message, check “Send Custom Message” and write your own message under “Custom Message”.

Send custom message to Slack

C. To send you form data as JSON  to your Slack channel, check “Send As Json” and the entire form entry will be sent to your Slack channel or direct message as a JSON.

You’re done! Now you can receive messages when your form is submitted.

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