How to Create a High-Converting Registration Form without Coding

Get people registered for webinars, conferences, classes, sports events, and other activities. Read the quick tutorial below to create a registration form in no time.

How to Create an Online Registration Form in the AbcSubmit Form Builder

Making an online registration form is a great way to plan activities and gather data about potential guests. However, creating one yourself may sound difficult, especially for those who don’t have any programming skills. Fortunately, you don’t have to be tech-savvy to create a registration web page or form. All you need is AbcSubmit service and a few minutes of your time.

E-Signature & Terms Checkbox

E-signatures, as electronic signatures are also known, are replacing written signatures. Not only do they save time and money, but they also create less waste and are traceable, time-stamped, and more secure.

Inform your customers about your terms and conditions and collect their explicit agreement with them. Stay DPA and GDPR – compliant.

AbcSubmit eSignature for electronic forms.
Online payment forms

Collect Registration Fees

Accept credit card payments for your products and services electronic forms through a range of payment processors like PayPal Checkout, Stripe Checkout, Braintree Checkout, and Square or accept cash on site.

Set hourly prices for your appointments, set up taxes and discounts for your electronic order forms and get paid when your customers create a schedule or buy your products. We offer the possibility to add calculated taxes, calculated discounts, and one-time fees.

AbcSubmit is a flexible online service that lets you easily create a free online registration form – no HTML coding required: just drag and drop the fields you need, choose the visual style that matches the design of your website, and publish your form to get more people on your guest list.

5-Step Guide: How to Make a Registration Form and publish your registration form

1. Log in to Your AbcSubmit Account

Before creating an online registration form, you need to log in to AbcSubmit. To do this, click Log In in the top menu. If you don’t have an account yet, click Sign Up to create one – it’s completely free.

2. Create a Registration Form

In your member’s area, click Create New Form, and decide how you want to start. Select Blank Form to make an online registration form from scratch. If you’d like to save time and start with a ready-made sample form, go to the template gallery. All registration forms there already include the most commonly used fields. Whichever template you choose, you’ll be able to add or remove any fields later.

Check out some popular registration forms.

3. Adjust the Design

In the Form Editor, you can tweak your registration form. Start with the Insert tab. Here, you will find all kinds of fields: name, email, phone number, date (in case you’re planning to organize a series of events or repeat one on different dates), and a lot more. You can even add multiple choice questions, drop-down lists and electronic signature fields so that guests could confirm the registration. Once you’re satisfied with the fields, it’s time to adjust the style and colors.

Go to the Design tab. Explore the collection of pre-made themes to find one that fits best when you add the registration form to your website. Try advanced customization options to polish the design further: select different font types and size, configure buttons, create your own custom color scheme, etc.

4. Set Up Payment Collection (Optional)

If you need to collect a participation or membership fee, AbcSubmit will help you quickly create a registration form with PayPal, Stripe, Braintree or Square payment options.

Go to the Payments tab and choose one of the following fields: PayPalStripe, Square or Braintree.

  • After you add a payment method, you can decide to collect a fixed amount or user-defined amount. Alternatively, you can offer a choice of products.
  • The Shopping Cart form field allows you to collect through the desired payment method of your attendees’ choice.

5. Publish Your Form

Click Publish and choose how you’d like to share your form. Get a direct link and add it to a button on your website, email it to your potential guests or share it in your social media communities. You don’t need to worry about storage, databases, and other complicated stuff – AbcSubmit takes care of everything. Check the responses at any time in the Responses section of your form.

AbcSubmit offers the Embed on a web option as well. Just copy the code and place the registration form on your web page.

That’s all there’s to it. Now you know how to make a registration form for a website without writing a single line of code. Sign up and create your form today!

Create Registration Forms for Any Purpose with AbcSubmit

Optimize the Registration Process for You and Your Guests
With AbcSubmit, you can easily register people for events and gather the necessary information without any paperwork. All you need to do is create a registration form and publish it on your website. Alternatively, you can make a mailing list of your potential guests and send them a direct link to the form. The best thing is that it’s beneficial for you and your guests as well – it’s easy and saves lots of time.

Maximize Attendance of Your Webinars and Online Courses
Use AbcSubmit to create a multipurpose registration form that has the course program and list of speakers, lets people write down their questions, and contains other important details. Stay in touch with participants by connecting your AbcSubmit account to the MailChimp or other email marketing services. Send registration confirmations, news and updates, discounts for upcoming events, and more.

Sell Tickets Online, Accept Donations
Collecting payments is a breeze if you use AbcSubmit. Sell tickets online – your guests can avoid ticket lines and you’ll get money right away. Accept charity donations – thanks to the flexible form builder, you can let users choose any amount of money to donate. Launch fundraising campaigns – embed the form on your website, where you describe the goals of your campaign and encourage people to support your idea. Just connect your AbcSubmit account with your PayPal or Stripe account and process payments automatically – you don’t need any technical knowledge to collect payments online.

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