Email marketing Campaigns

Create your email marketing campaigns using AbcSubmit's email newsletters. Collect email subscribers using lead forms, landing pages, eCommerce store, store your customers' details inside a database collection and create your email templates with your favorite email client. Send effective emails with AbcSubmit's email marketing!

Build your perfect email template

By using AbcSubmit Form Builder and Website Builder software you have the power to create your own email template by using your favorite email client and then just send it to your AbcSubmit account.
When you build your email template inside your preferred email client you can be sure that your template doesn’t show up broken in the diversity of email client used by your clients.

Create a better segmentation

With the use of our BigData collections, you can store your lead emails email addresses in a collection or store from different lead forms in different collections.
By using collections, you can store any data you want, create user segmentation, store tags and create email newsletters based on collections.

Real-time open rates analytics

With our email marketing service, you can send automated emails and then you can see your email newsletter analytics.
With AbcSubmit real-time analytics you can see how your email newsletter performs, how many links on your email were clicked, how many of your emails were sent, how many of your emails were opened and so on.

Drag and drop contact and lead form builder

By using AbcSubmit Form Builder you can create your contact and lead forms in minutes and you can publish them anywhere. 
Use AbcSubmit forms to save your data to a database collection and then create email newsletters based on your BigData Collections.
Create custom forms using AbcSubmit!

Drag and drop landing page builder

Create stunning landing pages using AbcSubmit drag and drop landing page builder by starting from a free template and start collecting leads.

You can even create your landing page from scratch, add forms to your page, set up email notifications for your forms, embed products and so on.

With Code Field, you can write your own CSS, HTML, and JavaScript.

Create a landing page.

Create sales funnels

AbcSubmit platform allows you to build professional and effective funnels with minimum effort. You do not need to have any tech knowledge to be able to use the funnel/workflow tool.

You can easily test your funnels and analyze the results, so you can optimize your efforts to ensure better feedback from your customers.

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Start creating your own email marketing campaigns today!