Online form builder with database storage

Create online forms with cloud database and make use of conditional logic, product field,  SEO, breadcrumbs, sliders, videos, payments, shopping cart, iframes or form workflows. Create filters to analyze your data using charts, and then present them on your desired page. Become a “Perpetuum Mobile” by using our email workflow notifications, approval workflows or design advanced business process management logic for your company.

Build Your Forms

Build your forms using our drag and drop form builder or simply create online forms using free form templates. Whether you’re looking to collect data using google sheets, generate leads, conduct customer surveys, find applicants for a job or register guests for an event, AbcSubmit easy-to-use form builder lets you build and customize your web forms to fit your exact needs in minutes.

Show us some art

No matter you are using ready to use templates or create your form from scratch, from a simple form which helps you to receive email notifications to custom forms with advanced design, our online form builder gives you all the tools to customize your form fields to match your needs.

Sell Products Online

We give you all the tools you need to sell your products today! Enjoy the freedom to drag-and-drop your content and images into your chosen template and build your dream order form.

Using shop element or simple product element you can start selling through AbcSubmit forms by using payment options like Paypal Checkout, Stripe Checkout, Square, Braintree Checkout etc.

Use Flux business process management notation


Flux is our online BPMN tool that will make your life so much easier. It’s easy now to create custom workflows based on your company need using our contact form, job application form or design your desired form based on your own design and guidelines. Drag and Drop Flux blocks to create multiple email notifications or set multiple online approval layers, create conditional logic to decide what to do next in your Flux diagram and more.

Do you need some forms on Weebly? 

Publish your forms on Weebly using our form creator widget on Weebly platform. Create any form and save it on your Weebly website to collect data or build powerful business process management flows using Flux. Sell products online using our E-Commerce form fields and start earning money in no time.

You can create an entire product catalog on your form using AbcSubmit shop field and set shipping, discounts and taxes in a very easy way, abandoned cart recovery through our workflow tool and many more features available for you.  

Can you find Google Forms or Cognito Form app on Weebly? I think not! That’s why AbcSubmit is the best fit to manage your submissions on your existing websites.

AbcSubmit forms on your Wix websites

Create order form, registration form, job application form or use our user-friendly editor to create any other form you may think of and publish your forms on Wix. 

Become an entrepreneur on Wix by selling your item online and get your orders on AbcSubmit data collection. 

Publish your forms on your website by copying the javascript embed code, HTML embed code, iframe embed code or form link on your website. 

Fast Loading Time

Provide a lightning speed platform to your users, in order to keep them happy

Custom Domain

You can host your websites or forms either using your own domain or using a domain you choose. Hurry up in order to reserve your free hosted domain.


Your data is always stored encrypted in our databases on the cloud, so you can focus on your business without being worried.

Pay As You Go

You can always upgrade or downgrade, depending on your needs.

Strong conditional logic

Use complex conditional logic in order to hide / show / populate the values of your fields, and also set up advanced payments formulas

Sync your data with Google Spreadsheets

Use your Google Drive to see results and generate graphs.

Start creating your professional forms today!