Canvas editor Custom HTML Renderer

React Input + Custom HTML Renderer Built from Scratch

A rich text editor on canvas revolutionizes the way we interact with digital text, offering an immersive and versatile platform for creating, formatting, and editing text. Unlike traditional text editors, this innovative approach leverages the power of HTML5 canvas, providing users with a more dynamic and visually engaging experience.

Why Did We Develop This Canvas Editor?

Throughout our 20-year career as web developers, across numerous projects, there has consistently been a demand for an editor that facilitates user-friendly text editing and formatting.

While there are many available canvas editor options on the market, they all come with various limitations. This product aims to address these issues comprehensively:

  • Support for user interface localization
  • Support for tables
  • Seamless integration with project-specific color schemes
  • Enhanced accessibility features
  • Simple and efficient embedding
  • Source code access, enabling editor customization and extension
  • Resizable interface
  • Customizable toolbar elements
  • Capability to insert and save media content straight in your storage
  • Robust keyboard shortcuts
  • Reliable Undo/Redo functionality (yes, editor state is written from scratch)
  • Support for custom CSS (yes, we have implemented our own CSS parser / CSSOM)
  • Ability to paste content from other programs (e.g., Microsoft Word, Open Office, Google Docs)
  • Security against pasting content that includes JavaScript scripts (yes, we have built a secure HTML parser / DOM model)
  • Fast loading times
  • Programmatic content insertion
  • Customizable font list with Google Fonts integration, provided via document.fonts native font loading API.

If you had these extensive requirements and the need for rapid implementation in the industry, you have found the right solution 😎

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