Connect your forms with other web apps using AbcSubmit integrations

AbcSubmit will help you connect your form entries with apps like google Sheets, Salesforce, MailChimp, Slack, Trello, Gmail and many other apps.

Also, your AbcSubmit entries can be sent to over 1500 apps using our integration with Zapier. You can automate your form data management with AbcSubmit integations.

Collect your form data in a Google Spreadsheet

Save your form data inside your google sheet document. This integration allows you to connect your AbcSubmit forms with your Google Sheet file. Just connect your Google account using our integration and your form data will be sent after every form submission to your Google Spreadsheet. No mappings are required, we’ll do all the work for you automatically.

Send your leads to MailChimp

One of the common problems AbcSubmit users encounter is to send newsletter emails to people who previously filled their forms or people who bought products from their website. MailChimp is a great web tool to build and send beautiful email newsletters or announcements to your web site users and customers.

Send form data to a Slack channel

By using our integration with Slack, you can send your form submission to a channel or direct message, send the submission as a JSON or write a custom message to a Slack channel or to one of your team members. The custom message can be personalized with values from your form submission.

Send SMS on on a new form entry using AbcSubmit and ClickSend integration

By using our integration with ClickSend, you can send custom SMS on form submit. You can write the SMS message using your form submission values. The integration allows you to schedule the SMS sending with an interval of time before the event or just send the SMS on a new entry for your form. 

MongoDB BigData Collections

AbcSubmit BigData Collections allows you to save the desired form results in a custom table. You can collect any type of form data in a BigData Collection and you can export your data, use a collection for custom work in a form, import data to your collection or just create email newsletters based on your collection.  

Zapier Integration – Available App on Zapier

AbcSubmit integration with Zapier allows you to connect your forms with over 1500 web apps. Use Zapier to create advanced workflows based on AbcSubmit forms and other Zapier available apps like Gmail, Google Drive, Trello, ActiveCampaign, Google Calendar  and so on.

Popular applications on Zapier with which you can connect AbcSubmit Forms

Connect AbcSubmit forms with Gmail using our integration with Zapier

After someone fills out a form on your site, you often want to receive an email notification or send a follow-up email to the individual who completed the form. This Zapier automation handles both gracefully, sending an email (customizable)—either to you or the form respondent—when a new form entry is submitted.

Connect AbcSubmit forms with Trello using our integration with Zapier

If you’re collecting data via AbcSubmit form softwar, often you want to create follow-up items. With such a AbcSubmit-Trello integration, you can automatically create new Trello cards when someone completes your online forms.

Connect your form entries with Airtable using our integration with Zapier

Rather than collecting and inputting data from endless amounts of form entries, use an AbcSubmit to Airtable automation. Set it up and each time a new entry is submitted in AbcSubmit, Zapier will create a new record in Airtable. Create complete and accurate records for your form records in your Airtable database automatically!

Connect your form entries with Salesforce using our integration with Zapier

AbcSubmit helps you create beautiful forms, surveys, contests and more for access across all devices. Use Zapier to start adding new leads to your Salesforce CRM as AbcSubmit form entries are submitted. Take names, email addresses and any other information you’d like to collect and create a brand new lead within Salesforce in just a few clicks. Once you set up this integration, new AbcSubmit form entries submitted from that point forward are individually added to Salesforce as leads.

Connect your forms with ActiveCampaign using our integration with Zapier

The moment you’ve received entries on your AbcSubmit forms you can kick off your campaign automation. Stay efficient by having Zapier and AbcSubmit do all the work. Once you’ve set up this kind of Zap, it will trigger with every new entry on AbcSubmit form, adding each contact to your automation on ActiveCampaign to continue your workflow.

Connect AbcSubmit forms with Google Drive using our integration with Zapier

If new submissions mean multiple new files, it’s a good idea to have organized containers for each. Set up this AbcSubmit-Google Drive integration to have Zapier do all the work for you. From then on, whenever Zapier detects a new entry to your AbcSubmit form, a new folder will automatically be created on Google Drive for it so you can begin storing those assets right away.

Connect AbcSubmit form results with Pipedrive using our integration with Zapier

Using AbcSubmit online forms to gather data about your prospective deals, and Pipedrive to make sure you win your deals? You should cut time between closing those deals by automatically creating new deals in Pipedrive whenever your AbcSubmit form is filled out. This saves you valuable time that you can instead spend talking to clients and working on your other projects.

Connect AbcSubmit form entries with Asana using our integration with Zapier

Add new AbcSubmit entries to Asana as tasks. Keep track of AbcSubmit entries in Asana. When a new AbcSubmit is filled out, this AbcSubmit to Asana integration adds the entry as a task to Asana. The use of AbcSubmit integration on Zapier is free and always will be.

Save AbcSubmit form entries to a MySQL Database using our integration with Zapier

Keep track of all of your AbcSubmit form entires and put them to work in your own apps automatically by having Zapier copy each entry into your MySQL database.

Create new tickets in Zendesk based on your form entries – Zapier based integration

A common use of form software is to allow customers or prospects to ask you questions. If they do that often enough, you’ll need a way to manage and respond to those individuals. The AbcSubmit-Zendesk integration makes that easy. You can have new AbcSubmit entries automatically create new tickets for follow up in Zendesk.

Create or update HubSpot CRM contacts from new entries on AbcSubmit – Zapier based integration

Want to make sure customer data is always up to date, no matter how quickly it comes in through AbcSubmit? Set up a Zap and Zapier will keep up with even the busiest forms. Once active, every new entry to AbcSubmit will trigger the automation, creating a HubSpot CRM contact in response (or updating an existing one) and making sure all your details are carried over accurately for each and every one.

Create or update Infusionsoft contacts from new AbcSubmit entries – Zapier based integration

Using AbcSubmit to collect contact data? Instead of manually adding each AbcSubmit entry as a contact in Infusionsoft, Zapier can do it for you. Just setup this integration, and Zapier will copy the data from your form entries and use it to make new Infusionsoft contacts.

Create Personalized Documents from AbcSubmit with WebMerge – Zapier based integration

Want a simple way to make customized documents from your AbcSubmit form entries? Zapier will watch your AbcSubmit form for new entries. Whenever your form is filled out, it’ll copy the data and sent it to WebMerge where it’ll be combined with your document templates. You’ll get customized documents for each of your form entries automatically.

Save AbcSubmit form entries to Google Docs – Zapier based integration

Want a simple way to view and edit the entries your AbcSubmit form gets? You can use this integration keep track of those responses by sending each new AbcSubmit entry to Google Docs as a new text file. That way, your data is in a safe, searchable place rather than buried deep in the throws of your email.

Add files to Dropbox from new AbcSubmit entries – Zapier based integration

As your customers keeping submitting their files, it’s easy to favor speed over organization. Use this AbcSubmit-Dropbox integration to process all those files so you don’t have to worry about them! Set it up and Zapier will begin to watch AbcSubmit for you. Whenever a new entry is submitted to AbcSubmit, the automation will trigger, adding a copy of the file you need from the form into a Dropbox folder.

Add new AbcSubmit entries as rows on an Excel spreadsheet – Zapier based integration

Whether you’re planning an event or gathering product feedback, your time doesn’t have to be spent exporting those results to your spreadsheets just so you can really go through them—Zapier can do that! After you’ve set up this automation, Zapier will capture new entries your AbcSubmit receives, adding a new row to an Excel spreadsheet for each and every one with every response you need.

Add new Intercom users from AbcSubmit form entries – Zapier based integration

Whenever anyone fills out a form to get more info about your company, you can have them automatically added to your Intercom CRM account as new users with this integration. Zapier will watch your AbcSubmit form for new entries. Whenever anyone fills out your form, Zapier will copy their info and use it to add a new user to your Intercom account.