forms workflow Automation

Flux is the form workflow automation functionality of AbcSubmit's website and form builder software for small to mid-size companies and teams. By using AbcSubmit you can easily create forms with workflow, add workflow conditional blocks, email notification blocks, approval blocks, timer blocks, create custom emails for your customers, attach PDF files and so on. With AbcSubmit you have forms and workflow automation software in the same product.

Creating free workflow forms has never been so easier, faster, or more scalable. Keep your customers in the loop with AbcSubmit's workflow form builder.

Electronic forms with workflow

You can easily create your electronic forms with workflow by using one of our free form templates or simply create your form from scratch, create your own workflow diagram and you’re ready to automate your business processes. 

Empower your forms with digital workflows in no time with our online form builder with workflows!

Workflow approval form automation

With AbcSubmit forms automation workflow, you can create a single approval notification for your form or you can choose to use approvals chain for multiple recipients from your team. You can have the entire solution with AbcSubmit’s online form builder workflow, landing page builder, payment solutions, integrations, PDF’s and more!

Build form approval workflow with AbcSubmit’s forms and workflow software today!

Forms automation workflow for your business

Developing online forms with workflow could take some of your time and would require programming experience. But there is an easier way to get the job done, it’s a kid job to create web-based forms with workflow using our free forms automation and workflow builder. Use our drag and drop feature to build your form automation workflow today!

Email capture forms

Add multiple notifications for you, your team and your customers and customize email templates to match with your niche.

Create advanced notification rules for multiple email recipients for your email capture forms.

Approval workflow for your forms

Send email approvals to your customer or to your team using our custom form workflows by creating a logical schema with the exact steps you want to to use. 

Manage any notification sent to your team from AbcSubmit dashboard, approve and reject form entries without the need to use a mail client.

User roles for your forms and workflows

Invite users in your company and set user permissions for your AbcSubmit forms.

By having multiple users with different permissions you can decide who has access to different forms and form sections.

Authentication sources for your forms workflow software

Configure how your team members can join your company automatically without the need for an invitation. This allows you to integrate various authentication mechanisms your company already supports so that you can manage all your accounts from a single point of administration.

Group roles for your workflow task form

With AbcSubmit’s forms workflow software, you can set group permissions so you can create a group for every department in your company. Manage which groups can see what and send notifications and approvals to desired groups.

Create online forms and workflow using AbcSubmit workflow builder!