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Picture documentation

1. Image file

The image that will be displayed to the user. You must upload a image file. Maximum image file size is 2MB. Please note that you must have a paid subscription in order to upload image files, because file storage is needed for your account.

2. Alternate text

Specify a text that will be displayed to the user until the image is loaded. On slow internet connections, this is a good idea, because the user will know what content will be loaded before the image data arrives from the server.

3. Open link

Optionally, you can specify a Link which will be opened when the user clicks on the Picture. This feature works great for logos for example, when you want to redirect the user to a specific URL or form page. In order to specify the behavior on how the link will be opened (new tab, same tab, etc.), use the “Open in” setting.

4. Open in

If you specify a Link to your Picture, from this setting you can control where that link will be opened (New browser tab, Same page, etc). Note that if your link is referring to a form page, this setting has no effect.

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