Share AbcSubmit on your desired social networks and get credits which can be converted in coupon codes

You can spread the word about our product and we give you credits for every social network you share on. This is a simple way of getting free premium features on AbcSubmit. After getting your credits, you can generate a coupon code directly from My Account section and you can attach it to your subscription in no time.

Here is how our Credits system works

  1. You share a special link to our homepage (which helps us to identify who receives the credits) on a social network we present you in My Wallet -> Obtain Credits section of this page.
  2. Depending on the social network you post your share, a number of credits are added to your Wallet after the shared link receives 3 clicks.
  3. You use the credits from your wallet to generate a Promotional code, which can be used to pay your premium monthly subscription.

Convert your credits into a coupon code

After you’ve obtained your credits you can convert them in a coupon code. You can choose how many credits do you want to use for your coupon code. To convert your credits in a coupon code just go to My account -> My Credits and click on the Promotional Credits section.

In order to obtain your free credits, you must have at least a free account on AbcSubmit.

Use your coupon code on an existing subscription

Use your coupon code on an existing subscription. Let’s say you have 14 days free trial on our Core plan and you want to add a coupon code to get it free for a month. You can add your coupon code to an existing subscription from our customer portal section: Click on My Account -> My Customer Portal and find the Edit Subscription Details and add your coupon code.

Sure! You can get credits and use our free features every month.

Simple. After you generate a promotional code, the code is listed in your generated promotional codes list. Be sure to generate a promotional code with a value higher than the subscription you wish to pay for.

If you don’t have a paid subscription, go into My Subscription section and upgrade, and input the generated promotional code when promptedNo credit card is required.

If you already have a paid subscription, access your Customer Portal, and add the promo code to your subscription.

You can share our special homepage links minimum two times a month on each social network we present you, in interval 01 – 14 of current month, and 15 – end of the month, in order to gain credits maximum twice in that month for that social network.

The validity of a generated Promotional Code is 30 days.

Your credits will expire in 30 days.

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