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Automate your marketing sales funnel, reduce execution time and infrastructure costs with our landing pages, forms, and funnel software.

Sales funnel workflows can help your sales work more efficiently. Start your firs funnel today using AbcSubmit today!

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Forms, landing pages, embed products, eCommerce shop, and funnel workflow automation software for your business

Forms Builder

Create online forms with sales funnel workflow using our landing page and form builder


Drag and drop sales funnel software for your business and product marketing


Drag and drop approval funnel block for your sales and product invoices in no time

Email Notifications

Send a single email notification or email notification chain for marketing and sales funnel

Form Reports

Sales funnel graphic with heat map which helps you to set more resources when needed


Create online sales funnel for your eComemrce website and form orders Embed prducts.

Website Builder

Create sales funnel website website or landing pages for your marketing campaign

Payment Gateways

Creating a funnel form with payments is easy now using AbcSubmit software

Focus on more important things using our electronic funnel workflow tool

Create and edit funnel approval forms

The number one benefit is the ease-of-use when it comes to an automated approval funnel. You submit your request and that’s it – your automation software cuts out the laborious paper forms, spreadsheets and impossible to make sense of email threads and does the heavy lifting for you. It’s like a digital copy of your existing manual rules that never misses or skips over a step.  Well-designed forms funnels software will automatically route the request for approval and collect all required approval data along the way. This simplifies the audit process by capturing every approval, note, and attachment. 

No more guesswork with our online sales funnel management

What’s the status of a requisition? Who approved this purchase? Is this purchase within budget? These are common questions that are time-consuming to answer without automation. Approval funnel software puts critical visibility into your organization’s spend at your fingertips. Know the status of every requisition and all relevant data in seconds. Quickly see where requisitions are in relation to the budget. Lastly, our electronic forms workflow software compiles data into custom reports from the overview to the granular details.

With funnel automation workflow you have no delays

No more delays due to an approver not being available due to illness, travel or vacation. Use your approval funnel software to make sure there are no gaps in the process. Intelligent software gives you the ability to approve from email or out-of-office delegate to manage approvals in your absence and keep requests moving through the system.

Sales funnel examples

Flux - an automated sales funnel software

Transform time-consuming sales processes—no matter how sophisticated—into efficient, automated funnel workflows that allow your people to work in a more efficient way.

Using AbcSubmit’s sales funnel marketing strategy tool you can create custom funnels based on your business rules and you can manage your business activity from AbcSubmit dashboard widgets.

Flux is recommended for processes with repeatable patterns like creating a new customer account, job application forms and so on.

Create free workflows using AbcSubmit

Invoice payment funnel workflow

Automate your invoice payments for your company using automated sales funnel software. Set multiple approval layers for every department and simplify your flows in minutes. Add invoices to be approved by your team members using company groups and users, send notifications to the entire group or individual employee from your company.

Start improving your invoicing and documents approval with AbcSubmit funnels.

Open new customer account funnel

Building a sales funnel automation isn’t just for central functions, customer-facing departments also have company-specific business processes to manage. This example shows a customer onboarding process for a bank, which you could adapt to customer onboarding for any kind of business.

Create any type of internet marketing sales funnels and improve them by checking sales funnel stages and improve your flows using heat map reports.

Workflows for open customer account

Start creating a sales funnel for your business!

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