Create a lead capture form - WordPress plugin

Start creating your custom lead capture form or contact form for your WordPress site by selecting one of our contact and lead capture form templates or build it from scratch and publish it on your website in no time.

Enable email notifications, registration approval and advanced form workflows with our lead form builder plugin for WordPress. Convert more leads on your WordPress website with AbcSubmit popup forms today!

Creating stunning lead capture form for your WordPress blog has never been so easier, faster, or more scalable. Start generating leads with a stunning lead form.

Grow your email list and conversion rate with AbcSubmit lead generation plugin for WordPress

Developing a lead generation form could take some of your time and would require programming and design experience. But there is an easier way to get the job done, it’s a kid job to create online lead generation form using our free web-based form plugin for WordPress. Use our drawing feature to draw the fields you want on your lead form, and even customize it with your company’s colors and branding, custom call to action buttons, add google analytics code and publish it in no time.

Pop-up lead form plugin for WordPress

Pop-up signup forms help you connect with the people who visit your website. Use the pop-up form editor to design and customize a pop-up form. Add a special offer or discount to help grow your audience and boost your sales. Once you publish, we’ll automatically push the form code to your connected site, or provide the code you need to embed it on your site if it’s not connected.

Lightbox form types:

  • On page load pop up form.
  • Delay based pop-up form (ex: shop pop-up after 30 seconds). 
  • On page exit intention show pop-up (created with exit intent technology).

Feedback form button:

Show a floating button on your WordPress page and when your users click the button a pop-up with the form will appear on the screen.


Lead capture page for WordPress

You can easily create your lead generation landing page by using one of our free landing page templates or simply create it from scratch, add your desired fields, imagery, create a custom design, attach a lead form and you’re ready to capture contacts. 

Set up your lead generation page with forms in minutes with our free landing page builder for WordPress!

WordPress multi site landing page

With AbcSubmit free landing page and form builder plugin for WordPress, you can create a single landing page and use it on every WordPress website you own. Our web plugin usage is not limited to a single website!

Start your lead generation page with forms today!

WordPress lead approval workflow plugin

Send email approvals to your customer or to your team using our complex form workflows by creating a logical schema with the exact steps you want to to use. 

Manage any notification sent to your team from AbcSubmit dashboard, approve and reject form entries without the need to use a mail client.

WordPress workflow diagram

Flux is our form workflow tool which can be used to simplify repetitive processes in your company and for your WordPress forms. Using Flux you can send data to other applications like MailChimp, Google Sheets or Zapier and automate the email sending based on your needs. 

Company - Authentication sources

Configure how your team members can join your company automatically without the need for an invitation. This allows you to integrate various authentication mechanisms your company already supports so that you can manage all your accounts from a single point of administration.

Company - Group Roles

With our event registration form for WordPress, you can set group permissions so you can create a group for every department in your company. Manage which groups can see what and send notifications and approvals to desired groups.

Company - User Roles

Invite users in your company and set user permissions for your WordPress forms.

By having multiple users with different permissions you can decide who has access to different forms and form sections.

Custom lead form creator design

No matter you are using ready to use form templates or create your free custom form from scratch, from a simple form which helps you to receive email notifications to custom online forms with advanced design, our online form builder gives you all the tools to customize your form fields to match your business needs.

Collect email subscribers with online forms

By using AbcSubmit’s web tool for generating your forms you can build stunning web-based forms and connect them with your AbcSubmit BigData Collections.
Whether you want to save email addresses for your email subscribers, customer details or just store your lead data inside a collection, we’ve got you covered. 
Learn how to save form data in your collection using our mobile app.

Create Landing Pages for your lead generation forms

Choose from high quality, 100% responsive landing page templates designed for high conversion. Opt-in, sales, promo or download pages – choose the one that fits your business needs. Add a personal touch, and your landing page is ready in less than 30 minutes!

Complete your look with over 1.000.000 stock images. Use the built-in image editor to adapt your perfect pics.

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Send email newsletters to your form submitters

Put your audience first with our email marketing service. You can save your leads in a collection using your contact and lead forms or just import your leads in your collection from a CSV file.

Create advanced email newsletters based on collection tags and check out your campaign analytics to see your campaign results. Read more about email marketing.

WordPress plugin for creating custom work by using Code Field

It’s easy now to create advanced form design and adding custom CSS using the Code Field. You have the power to create custom form features using your collections and the Code Field. Read more on how you can create your own code.

Stunning forms with WordPress lead generation plugins

AbcSubmit customization feature allows making changes with the live result. You can modify header image, Background image, Colors, Font formatting, Spacing, Custom CSS and much more.

All the AbcSubmit forms are highly customizable and device ready!

Free offline opt-in forms

Use our new mobile app for offline form filling functionality. The app transfers all the offline submissions when an Internet connection is available. 

Collect offline form submissions from the comfort of your mobile device with AbcSubmit!

Capturing leads with sales funnel

AbcSubmit sales form funnels offer the ability to monitor your sales workflow and quickly spot bottlenecks.

Effective sales funnel automation software offers features that give your workflow visibility, such as a step timer to indicate how long each step is taking or a progress indicator to display which step is active at a given moment.

Create effective approval workflows using our heat map analytics!

Choose the perfect plan

As you may see, we have pricing for everyone and lots of features for your WordPress custom forms. Start creating your online forms for WordPress today!


Per month

  • 5GB Storage
  • 5 Users
  • 10 online forms
  • Support


Per month

  • 10GB Storage
  • 10 Users
  • 40 online forms
  • Support


Per month

  • 80GB Storage
  • 20 Users
  • 100 online forms
  • Support

Start your online lead capture form in no time with AbcSubmit's forms creator for WordPress!

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